Monday, August 2, 2010

Big news over the weekend!!

I would like to announce that my baby boy, Jacob, proposed to his girlfriend of 4 years, Michelle, over the weekend, and we are so very blessed that she said yes!! So, this is a pic of them before they went out to dinner, along with a picture of her engagement ring, which belonged to both Jacob's grandmother, and great-grandmother. They have set a wedding date of Sept. 3, 2011...and not wanting to waste any time, we spent yesterday beginning the tedious task of shopping for the perfect wedding dress. After all, there are only 396 days to go...we can't be dawdling! I was so thrilled that Michelle, her mom and her sister included me in the shopping spree! We had a wonderful time! Went through several dresses, found a couple of possibilities, but of course, there's no rush to get one, so the search continues. Just wanted to share the wonderful news. Loren & I couldn't be happier!

Update...the wedding date was moved up to May 28, 2011!


  1. Connie...I think I hated week 4 the most. 4 intervals is merciless and I just was out of mojo by the 4th run leg. Week 5, though scary for the day 3 part is better snd by the time you get to day 3, you'll love it.
    Congrats on your son's engagement. Weddings are wonderful and it is always good when the families are happy about the coupling!
    Keep up the hard work and great blogging!