Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In Loving Memory...

My sweet mother-in-law, Vicki Haynes, went to be with Jesus. I know, when most people hear the dreaded "M-I-L"...they cringe. But that's because they didn't have one like mine, and that's because, she was one of a kind.

First and foremost, she loved her Jesus, and she loved her church. She taught Sunday School, VBS, sang in the choir & participated in just about everything they had going. She read her bible so much the pages are all folded, the cover worn. She loved to watch Joyce Meyer daily and could point out biblical references to world events at the drop of a hat.

For more than 20 years, Mom was a care giver in her home. I don't just mean she was a babysitter. She was so much more than just a sitter. She loved the kids she cared for. Those kids knew it, and their parents knew it. They knew when they left their kids with Ms. Vicki, they would have attention, playtime, meals and snacks. And by meals, I don't mean a bowl of cereal for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch. She cooked. Eggs, bacon, toast...spaghetti, meatloaf, chicken, veggies. Her kids were well fed, loved beyond belief, and taught to believe in Jesus. All for about $5.00 a day per child. Pretty good bargain, I'd say.

Mom always had great advice, but she didn't push it off on us. If we asked, she'd tell us her honest opinion and let us figure the rest out for ourselves. But in the end...she was always praying for us. We could talk to her about anything, and usually did, sometimes until the wee hours of the morning. Her coffee pot was never empty, her house always well kept. Oh, and she made the very best chocolate chip cookies on the face of the earth, and always had me a fresh batch when I went to visit her.

She was a sweet, loving, happy woman, a good wife, mother, friend & Christian. She was taken from us by that horrible disease called Alzheimer's. But even in the end when she forgot how to talk, she still smiled at us and held our hands, and kept her cheerful spirit.

I loved her dearly, and I miss her.

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