Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mama, my Seester, & Me...

This is me, Connie Winsor Roe, on the left, my sweet mama, Janet Duke Winsor, and my big seester, Cynthia (Cindy) Winsor Smith. (It has been just the 3 of us since daddy (Richard) passed away in January 1999. You'll meet him next.) This picture was taken on a trip we call W5WOO! Short for "Winsor Women's Wild Wacky Weekend, WOO"!! We actually have shirts and buttons that say that, and it's mandatory that we wear them at least 1 day of our trip. That's the weekend trip we try to take twice a year to get together and spend time eating, shopping, eating, playing games, eating, hot-tubbing...and did I mention eating? It's what we do, and we are experts at it. They live in Missouri...I, as I've mentioned, in Tennessee. We usually meet up in Sikeston, MO, eat...duh, maybe shop at the factory outlet, then journey on up the road a piece to Cape Girardeau, where we always stay at the Victorian Inn. They have great rooms, decent prices, pool & hot tub, and are conveniently located between Red Lobster & Cracker Barrel. Perfect. We generally spend 2 or 3 nights, and overload ourselves on shopping, sight-seeing, playing Uno Attack, and umm...eating. There are favorite places we eat everytime we go there (My Daddy's Cheesecake, Red Lobster, CB) and last trip, we discovered Dexter's BBQ, along with a great burger place in the historic downtown district. We also found an awesome grocery store that has literally EVERYTHING you can imagine. We hit antique stores, take alot of pics, and mostly just enjoy being together.

I miss not living closer to them and seeing them more often, but I try to take a couple trips or so a year to go see them, mom occasionally gets a chance to come see us, and this past spring, Cindy & her hubby Greg came down for a long weekend to was wonderful!!! Cindy and I email each other nearly everyday, talk on the phone at least every other day, sometimes everyday, sometimes more than once a day, depending on what's going on. And I talk to mom every couple of days. I would email her, but she's not very technologically advanced. Just last year we finally convinced her to get a digital camera. She doesn't even have a dvd player. Bless her heart. ;o) I hope to go see them again maybe mid-Sept., and then we will have our W5WOO in November. I'm glad we can get together like we do, but I sure do miss them!!!

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